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2 Minutes 2 Important to Miss

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S. Paul, B. Daniels, C. P., L. Rodriguez, I. Asif, J. Hahn, S. Yip, M. Khodaee
76 minutes
2 Minutes 2 Important to Miss features eight “medical pearls”-small bits of free-standing and self-contained clinically relevant information, based on experience or observation. The DVD details information that is derived from patient-centered observations that should be applicable to other patients.

Among the topics covered: 

• Introduction (Stephen Paul) 
• Odynophagia after a football collision (Brian Daniels) 
• Skateboarder with wrist pain: MSKUS to the rescue (Chuck Peterson) 
• Atypical winging scapula in a swimmer (Katherine L. Dec) 
• Not your typical heat stroke (Luis A. Rodriguez) 
• Head injury in sport: potential implications of advanced imaging modalities (Irfan M. Asif) 
• Brodie's abscess diagnosed after ankle injury (James Hahn) 
• 19-year old football player with seizure (Stephen T. Yip) 
• The utility of ultrasound in assessing chest wall pain (Morteza Khodaee)