2004 ACSM Annual Meeting Named Lectures

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American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
59 minutes
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The (6) named lectures from the 2004 ACSM Annual Meeting are included on a single DVD. Over five hours of authoritative information and insights on sports medicine and exercise science, featuring:
  • Michael J. Joyner, "Nerves and Blood Flow to Contracting Muscles" (Joseph B. Wolffe Memorial Lecture)
  • Jack W. Berryman, "The Accomplishments of ACSM Over the Past 50 Years: An Historian's Perspective" (D.B. Dill Historical Lecture)
  • Roger M. Enoka, "Muscle Fatigue and the Mechanisms of Task Failure" (President's Lecture),
  • Wendy M. Kohrt, "To E or Not to E… Effects of Exercise and Estrogen in Post-Menopausal Women" (President's Lecture)
  • E. Randy Eichner, "Muscle Cramping in the Arena: Causes, Cures, and Controversy" (President's Lecture)
  • Rod K. Dishman, "The Brain Biology of Exercise" (President's Lecture)

Produced in cooperation with the American College of Sports Medicine.