2007 ACSM Annual Meeting Named Lectures

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American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
105 minutes
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The (9) named lectures from the 2007 ACSM Annual Meeting are featured on three DVDs. The DVD set also features footage from the 2007 Annual Meeting awards night. Almost ten hours of authoritative information and insights on sports medicine and exercise science, including:
  • Priscilla M. Clarkson, "Muscle Soreness: Cause, Consequence, and Cure"
  • Robert Cantu, "The Evolution of Sports-Related Concussion Recognition, Management, and Prevention"
  • Craig Crandall, "Skin, the Human Radiator: Implications in Health and Disease"
  • Kenneth M. Baldwin, "PD Gollnick and Skeletal Muscle Plasticity: A Legacy Linked to the Myosin Gene Family"
  • Patricia Painter, "Exercise in Chronic Disease Populations: Need for Research and Persistence"
  • Kelvin Davies, "Free Radicals and Oxidative Stress in Exercise: How It All Started"
  • Adrian Bauman, "Community Wide Interventions to Promote Physical Activity: A Global Perspective"
  • Darrel Neufer, "The Molecular Basis of Exercise Training from the Inside Looking Out"
  • Stanley Herring, "Understanding Patients in the Era of Technological Spine Care"
  • 2007 ACSM Annual Meeting awards night
Produced in cooperation with the American College of Sports Medicine.