ACE`s Guide to Exercise Testing and Program Design: A Fitness Professional`s Handbook

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Cedric Bryant, Barry Franklin, Sabrena Newton
400 pages
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Authors Cedric X. Bryant, Barry A. Franklin, and Sabrena Newton present a second edition of this best-selling, essential resource for fitness professionals. This remarkable work offers in-depth, easy-to-understand and apply sections on Aerobic Testing and Training (with chapters on pre-exercise screening, aerobic field tests, the scientific basis of aerobic fitness, exercise programming, conditioning the upper body, cross-training principles and guidelines), Musculoskeletal Testing and Training (with chapters on measuring musculoskeletal fitness, developing a strength training program, developing a flexibility program, strength training for children and youth, women, seniors, and strength training without weights), Special Exercise Consideration and Populations (with chapters on exercise and environmental issues, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, women`s issues, stress management, fibromyalgia, weight control, aging, and exercise adherence), and Program Design Applications for Fitness Professionals (including a comprehensive approach to program design, and practice case studies on risk-factor assessment, designing appropriate exercise programs, and analyzing exercise program designs). Large format, with many photographs and illustrations.