Advanced Education Seminar: Food for Thought & Workshop on Therapeutic Modalities

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Lakewood Orthopaedics and Sports Medicines
29 minutes
Advanced Education Seminar: Food for Thought & Workshop on Therapeutic Modalitiespresents an in-depth discussion of the key factors involved in managingthe nutritional and recovery needs of athletes. This 2-disc DVD setdetails the basic principles underlying the most effective physiologicaland emotional recovery from physical exercise, utilizing keynutritional concepts. The DVD also outlines management concepts fordealing with an athletic patient who has special needs because of theindividual's injury and/or health status. In addition, the DVD examinesthe most current protocols for integrating therapeutic modalities inexisting rehabilitation programs. The seminar features the insights andideas of several of the most respected professionals in the fields ofmedicine, sports medicine, and exercise science, including:

• Introduction (Terry K. Gemas)
• Help Your Athletes Win With Nutrition (Eve Pearson Rodgers)
• Diseases & Nutrition (Richard Auchus, Eve Pearson Rodgers, and Jackie Berning)
• Type 1 Diabetes & Exercise (Richard Auchus and Jackie Berning)
• Sports Nutrition Recommendations (Jackie Berning)
• The Top Ten Mistakes Clinicians Make When Using Therapeutic Ultrasound
(David O. Draper)
• Electrotherapy for Pain Relief (David O. Draper)