Aging With Attitude: The Impact of Exercise on Quality of Life

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Tedd Mitchell
108 minutes
The combination of America's agingpopulation, expanding waistline, andshrinking healthcare dollars has lead to an appropriate focus on therole ofexercise in preventing and controlling disease. Aging With Attitude: The Impactof Exercise on Quality of Life explores the benefits of physicalactivity onpreserving quality of life. In that regard, the DVD examines the factthatmaintaining functional capacity by exercising on a regular basis isessential forboth the individual and society at large.

Among topics covered:
  • Quality of life: history's perspective
  • Heredity's role in health
  • Health trends today
  • Lifestyle trends
  • Health care provider's role
  • Health care and habits
  • Don't forget the benefits of exercise on stress!
  • Take home points