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Bone Density Health Solutions for Osteoporosis

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Jason Conviser, John Jaquish
32 minutes
Bone Density Health Solutions for Osteoporosisreviews the fact that osteogenic loadingcan safely aid in increasing bone density by stimulating the body`s natural bone generationprocess. The DVD provides an overview of a novel exercise apparatus, designed specificallyfor bone compression, as well as the resulting bone development. The DVD also details theresearch findings that indicate that the positive impact of this therapy is potentially greaterthan the current conventional standard of care.

Among the topics covered:
  • What is osteoporosis?
  • Global impact of osteoporosis
  • Stages of bone growth and loss
  • What is a t-score?
  • The science of bioDensity™
  • DXA case report pre-bioDensity™ exposure
  • Data driven success