Capturing What Motivates Your Clients

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Christine Pellegrini
67 minutes
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Capturing What Motivates Your Clients provides an overview of a 12-month, telephone-based exercise and nutrition coaching intervention study that employed motivational interviewing. The DVD details both the basic design of the study and a general summary of its findings. In that regard, based on level of engagement in goal-setting and readiness to lose weight, participants were classified as high and low responders. In turn, the results of the study indicate the importance of analyzing how changes in clients' knowledge, self-perception, attitude and self-efficacy can alter their level of motivation and lead to an enhanced degree of adherence.

Among the topics covered:

• A research study examining health promotion and disease prevention
• Wellness coaches
• Hypotheses
• Preliminary results
• Improving adherence
• Motivational interviewing
• The goal-setting process
• What is NCPAD?