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Club Management 101: Leading Your Club to Success

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Roberta Kruse-Fordham
37 minutes
Club Management 101: Leading Your Club to Success discusses how health/fitness clubs can define their market position, target their clients, and enhance their value position. The DVD also reviews what facilities need to do to hire, develop, and fire (when necessary) their staff members. In that regard, the DVD points out what clubs should do to create a culture that helps fashion a winning team. As such, the DVD explores the importance of aligning culture to build strategy. In addition, the DVD details how clubs can drive success through effective leadership.

Among the topics covered: 

• Don't tell customers what you do, tell them what you do for them 
• Are you going to be a niche boutique facility? 
• Know what you do, for whom, and what benefit you provide 
• Ideas 
• Loyalty, trust, respect 
• Who does what in your organization 
• Planning, strategy, vision, alignment 
• Your comfort zone