Coaching to Create a Winning Service Team

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Jarod Cogswell
44 minutes
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Coaching to Create a Winning Service Team explores the concept that the fundamental purpose of health/fitness club staff is to inspire and motivate members and clients to want to feel better, as well as achieve their fitness-related goals. Pointing out that being staff passionate is essential, the DVD discusses the need for clubs to establish a service-oriented culture in their facilities in which people feel connected. The DVD also looks at the fact that member services and a club's retention level go hand in hand. In that regard, the DVD details several key factors that can impact a member's decision to remain a member of a club.

Among the topics covered: 

• Work like an athlete 
• Traits of a champion business athlete 
• Why do members & clients quit? 
• It starts at the top 
• Members come second 
• Member connectivity 
• Relationship sales 
• Surgically clean facilities 
• Clubs within the club 
• Top 10 coaching tips