Concussions in Sports: Understanding the Basics

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Rod Walters
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Concussions in Sports: Understanding the Basics presents a practical resource for individuals who want to develop a better understanding of the key factors involved in this potentially serious head injury. The DVD outlines the underlying mechanics of a concussion, as well as details common signs and symptoms attendant to this traumatic injury. The DVD also explains why concussions should receive special attention. In addition, the DVD offers specific suggestions for reducing both brain and spinal injuries. The DVD also discusses the fact that some athletes return to athletics too soon after suffering a concussion.

Among the topics covered:

• Change in definition of concussions
• What are mechanisms of injury?
• Results from a variety of forces
• Examples of clinical findings
• Functional disturbance
• Structural injury
• Common signs and symptoms
• Concussions present in different ways
• Zurich: the current “gold standard”
any many more...