Core Concepts in Negligence & Legal Liability

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Ian McGregor
72 minutes
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Understanding how the critical concept of "reasonable standard of care" can impact the sport, leisure, and recreation industry is a critical factor in all risk-management planning efforts. To help better gain such an understanding, Core Concepts in Negligence & Legal Liability explains what constitutes negligence and explores how negligence and legal liability are established through the courts.

Among the topics covered:
  • Understanding why negligence liability is such a big deal
  • Key elements of negligence and the process for establishing
    • duty of care
    • standard of care
    • proximate cause
    • damage
  • Establishing who is liable for negligence
    • personal liability
    • vicarious liability
    • products liability
    • occupiers' liability
  • Defenses against negligence
    • waivers
    • assumption of risk
    • contributory negligence