Create a Game Plan to Effectively Maximize Sales

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Tim Forrest
132 minutes
Create a Game Plan to Effectively Maximize Sales details the steps that health/ fitness clubs need to undertake to develop a monthly game plan that will enable them to increase their level of membership sales. The DVD reviews the eight lead buckets that facilities can utilize to draw in more sales. The DVD also explains how clubs can properly manage their game plan to help ensure its success. In addition, the DVD points out the importance of effective time management for the sales team. Finally, the DVD outlines how to create an organizational culture that facilitates success.

Among the topics covered: 

• Monthly sales game plan 
• Corporates 
• Former members 
• Eight best practices 
• Create a great club experience that creates raving fans 
• Seven best practices to create raving fans 
• Sell solutions & value 
• Five steps to professionally overcome objections