Creating Demand for Your Personal Trainer Services

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Nicki Anderson
44 minutes
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Every personal trainer/club/studio that wants to be successful must be clear not only on theirunique service/product, but also clear on creating value that is reflected to each and everypotential client. Creating Demand for Your Personal Trainer Services explains how trainers canbuild a business that is based on the unique qualities that separate their facility or service fromthe "ho-hum" that other clubs and/or trainers offer. Because clients want value for their dollar,they want to fully understand what benefits they are being offered and ultimately what resultsthey will achieve from the services for which they are paying. As such, clear understanding ofVBR must be in place for a business before it can meet this essential expectation of clients. Oncethat happens, however, that is a business that will be in demand.

Among the topics covered:
  • VBR (value, benefits, and results)
  • Value
  • Benefits
  • Results
  • VBR in your studio
  • Roundtable discussion
  • Closing thoughts