Creating Successful Boot Camps

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Leigh Crews
122 minutes
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The economy is struggling across the United States for almost everyone, including many health/fitness professionals. Creating Successful Boot Camps explains how personal trainers can enhance their bottom line by developing and offering a boot camp. The DVD explains how to design and implement boot camps that have appeal to a wide market. The DVD also details how to address the unique demands of specific niche markets, such as the overweight, 50 and over, and baby boomers. The DVD offers everything that might be needed to establish and operate a boot camp-from target marketing to exercise progressions that challenge participants, without exposing them to an undue risk of being injured.

Among topics covered:

• How long? How much?
• Equipment options
• Programming a boot camp
• Niche markets
• Making $$ with boot camps
• Boot camp workout
• Warm-up
• Drills
• Core work
• Stretch it out