Cutting-Edge Training and Testing Techniques for Occupations With Unique Physical Demands

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William J. Kraemer, Jessica Scott, Bradley C. Nindl, Denise L. Smith
52 minutes
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The (4) presentations from the Select-Symposium at the 2010 ACSM annual meeting in Baltimore, Maryland on the latest training and testing technologies for use with occupations that involve unique physical demands are offered in a single DVD disk. Featuring almost two hours of authoritative information and insights, including:

• Athletic Conditioning: Use of Technology In the 21st Century (William J. Kraemer)
• Optimizing Astronaut Performance for Long Duration Spaceflight (Jessica Scott)
• The Soldier-Athlete: Physical Training and Testing for Combat Fitness and Military Readiness  (Bradley C. Nindl)
• Firefighter Fitness: Strategies to Ensure Optimal Performance and Survival On the Fireground (Denise L. Smith)