Demystifying Difficult Brain and Spine Injuries

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Marci A. Goolsby, Robert C. Cantu, John J. Leddy, Ross D. Zafonte
66 minutes
Demystifying Difficult Brain and Spine Injuries explores several of the diagnostic, management, and treatment issues attendant to specific types of head and backbone injuries. Featuring four of the most respected professionals in their field, the DVD looks at the standards of practice associated with each type of injury. The DVD also discusses return-to-play considerations that apply to each category of injury.

Among the topics covered: 

• Introduction (Marci A. Goolsby) 
• Breaking backbones: diagnosis and management of spinal fractures in athletes (Robert C. Cantu) 
• Mechanism of cervical spine fractures 
• Return to play 
• When the brain bleeds (Ross Zafonte) 
• Return to play 
• Post-concussive metabolic vulnerability 
• Diagnostic and management challenges when concussion becomes post-concussion syndrome (John Leddy) 
• How to define PCS more systematically? 
• Smooth pursuits