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Developing a Meaningful Relationship With Your Audience

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Lauve Metcalfe
63 minutes
Developing a Meaningful Relationship With Your Audience explains how the use of characters, storytelling, and personal reflections can increase participant involvement in the programs of health/fitness professionals. Whether the audience is young, old, or in-between. This approach offers a non-threatening look at life choices and health behaviors. The DVD employs a series of hypothetical characters to express their personal insights on life, body image, and self-worth in a manner that can enable individuals to interpret and understand their own story in a new and different way.

Among the topics covered:

• Creating relationships: blending emotion and intellect
• Testimonials
• All good stories are about having an intimate connection with the lead character
• Basic qualities of a likable person
• Developing your own stories
• Developing your creativity
• Embrace your creativity
• Asking for feedback