Eat Less, Move More: Easy 2 Say, Hard 2 Do

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Dixie Stanforth
182 minutes
Efforts to change health behaviors at the population level, despite the simplicity of the underlying message–eat less, move more–have been spectacularly unsuccessful. Eat Less, Move More: Easy 2 Say, Hard 2 Do details the challenges of getting people to respond to such undertakings in meaningful ways, looks at common communication strategies for reaching individuals who needs to modify their health-related behaviors, and suggests methods for overcoming any barriers to such change that may exist. The DVD points out the value of using science and evidence-based practices to guide message development and delivery of exceptional programs.

Among the topics covered:
  • What about mood and mental health?
  • Resolutions & intentions
  • Goals ? implementation intentions
  • iPhoneâ„¢ app for behavior change using implementation intentions
  • How to make a switchâ„¢