Employee Engagement: Building & Bonding Your Team

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Brent Darden
125 minutes
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Employee Engagement: Building & Bonding Your Team discusses how health/fitness clubs can create an environment for their staff that is supportive, encouraging, and productive. The DVD points out that caring for employees is not enough. Rather, clubs need to be proactive in their efforts to engage their employees. In that regard, the DVD defines employee engagement, explains why such engagement is so important, and details a number of take-away ideas that can enhance the ability of clubs to engage their staff. The DVD also emphasizes the fact that club management needs to make time to work on their business, as opposed to just in their business.

Among the topics covered: 

• Engagement 
• The set-up 
• The welcome 
• The orientation 
• The proposition 
• The community 
• The recognition 
• The fun