Establishing a Powerful Online Presence

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Bill McBride
71 minutes
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Establishing a Powerful Online Presence features an overview of the basic factors involvedin successful social media marketing. The DVD discusses why this particular marketingplatform can be so effective in the health/fitness club industry. The DVD also looks athow digital marketing and selected social media channels can be used to further a club'sbrand and its online connection. In addition, the DVD reviews online deal purchasing andexplains how it might fit into a club's operational strategy. The DVD also details how clubscan combine various social media to maximize their marketing efforts.

Among the topics covered:
  • Brick Marketingâ„¢
  • Trending
  • Search, Listings, & Reputation Management: Why Is This So Important?
  • Define your key marketing objectives
  • Marketing tactics
  • Social Media Key Guidelines
  • Referrals, recommendations & revenues
  • Social media combined tactics