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Examination of the Knee

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Bashir Zikria
68 minutes
Examination of the Knee provides an overview of the key factors that should be considered when evaluating knee pain. The DVD reviews the basic anatomy of the knee, as well as details tests for determining range of motion and strength in the knee. In addition, the DVD outlines tests for evaluating anterior knee pain and tests for examining the meniscus and for assessing instability in the various areas of the knee. The DVD also features a hands-on demonstration of how to conduct several of the tests involved in conducting an examination of the knee.

• Anatomy-stability of the knee
• Basic knee exam-inspection
• Basic knee exam-palpation
• Basic knee exam-range of motion
• Basic knee exam-strength
• Basic knee exam-anterior knee tests
• Basic knee exam-meniscus tests
• Basic knee exam-anterior instability
• Basic knee exam-posterior instability
• Basic knee exam-medical & lateral instability
• Basic knee exam-multiple ligament injury
• Basic knee examination-constant elements
• Demonstration