Exercise Associated Muscle Cramping (EAMC)-New Insights

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Martin Schwellnus
123 minutes
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Exercise Associated Muscle Cramping (EAMC)-New Insights discusses the key factors involved in the diagnosis, management, etiology, risk management, and prevention of muscle cramping in individuals engaged in sport and athletics. The DVD reviews the traditional assumptions underlying the explanations for the occurrence of muscle cramping and offers an alternate hypothesis concerning the etiology and pathophysiology of EAMC. The DVD also provides an overview of both the existing literature on EAMC and the results of several prospective studies that have attempted to identify the risk factors for this condition.

Among the topics covered:

• Epidemiology of EAMC in athletes
• Etiology and risk factors–EAMC
• Alternate hypothesis – etiology and pathophysiology of EAMC
• Historical data
• Animal studies
• Neurological literature
• Risk factors for EAMC–series of studies
• Novel risk factors for EAMC
• Diagnostic classification of EAMC