Exercise Genomics

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Claude Bouchard
47 minutes
Exercise Genomics reviews several of the conditions that are particularly important in the current era, given the existing technologies, to advance the study of human genomics. The DVD discusses the genomic determinants of the proneness to be sedentary, as well as points out the determinants of human variation in muscle growth in response to resistance training. The DVD also addresses the issue of whether a genomic-based diagnostic can be developed to screen those individuals at risk of developing adverse blood pressure response to regular exercise.

Among the topics covered:
  • The latest on the human genome
  • Single nucleotide polymorphism = SNP
  • The noncoding elements of the human genome
  • Defining genomic targets
  • Genome-wide association as an example of an unbiased approach
  • Using transcriptomics as an unbiased approach to identifying candidate genes and pathways
  • Designs and statistical power issues
  • The most prevalent problem in exercise genomics: inadequate statistical power