Exercise Interventions for Mental Health: State of the Art

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Janet Buckworth, Egil Martinsen, Chad Rethorst, Jorn Heggelund, Solfrid Bratland-Sanda, James Blumenthal
54 minutes
Exercise Interventions for Mental Health: State of the Art explores the fact that physical activity has an inverse relationship with depression (major depression) and anxiety. In general, evidence shows that exercise improves mood. The DVD also reviews that fact that non-depressed physically active young and old individuals have fewer depressive symptoms and a decreased likelihood of developing depression. In addition, the DVD discusses that fact that depressed patients in exercise programs were found to have significantly improved symptoms, as well as were determined to experience benefits that may extend past their treatment period.

Among the topics covered:

• Introduction
• Potential and limitations in exercise intervention for mental disorders
• Exercise as treatment for mental disorders-state of the art 2011
• Negative effects of excessive exercise
• Cognitive theory
• Effects of exercise on self-reported sleep quality in nonremitted major depressive disorder