Exercise is Medicine: Is There a Toxic Dose?

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Stephen A. Siegel
59 minutes
Exercise is Medicine: Is There a ToxicDose? provides a detailed review of the potential risks and downsidesof engaging in exercise. The DVD explains why it is appropriate, as itwould be for any type of medicine, to be aware of the possible adverseevents and toxicities attendant to exercise. In that regard, the DVDalso points out that the on-target and off-target adverse events thatexercisers may experience are affected by several measures, includingthe individuals' risk factors, their preconditioning level, theirmedication interaction(s), and environmental factors. In addition, theDVD discusses potential steps (mechanisms) for reducing the level oftoxicity.

• Potential cardiovascular complications
• Myocardial late gadolinium enhancement: prevalence, pattern, and prognostic relevance in marathon runners
• Atrial fibrillation
• Adverse drug effects