Exercise Training Effects On Skeletal Muscle Blood Flow

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Craig Harms, Michael Joyner, Darren Casey, Jacqueline Limberg, Bruno Rosequini, M. Harold Laughlin
75 minutes
The (6) presentations from the Featured Science Session at the 2010ACSM annual meeting on the impact of exercise training on the level ofskeletal muscle blood flow are included on a single DVD. Almost twofull hours of authoritative information and insights, featuring:

• Introduction and Overview (Craig A. Harms)
• Muscle Blood Flow in Humans: How High Can it Go? Does Training Make a Difference? (Michael Joyner)
• NO-Mediated Vasodilation Becomes Independent of ß-Adrenergic ReceptorActivation with Increased Intensity of Hypoxic Exercise (Darren P.Casey)
• Exercise Vasodilation in Metabolic Syndrome (Jacqueline K. Limberg)
• Acute Effects of Cyclic Limb Compressions on the mRNA Expression of Angiogenic Factors in Skeletal Muscle (Bruno T. Roseguini)
• Sprint and Endurance Exercise Training Induce Increases in SkeletalMuscle Blood Flow Capacity: Spatially Different Patterns of Adaptation(M. Harold Laughlin)