Facebookâ„¢, Twitterâ„¢, & Foursquareâ„¢: Building Member Loyalty With Social Media

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Steve Groves, Amanda Vogel
55 minutes
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Facebook™, Twitter™, & Foursquare™: Building Member Loyalty With Social Media explores how health/fitness facilities can employ social media to enhance a member's steadfast sense of devotion/commitment to the club. The DVD is an exceptional resource for clubs that want to employ social media in their marketing efforts. In that regard, the DVD discusses the importance for facilities to determine their specific goals for marketing with social media in order to have a coherent, viable marketing strategy. The DVD features an overview of several of the key factors involved in using three of the most popular social media platforms-Facebook™, Twitter™, and Foursquare™.

Among the topics covered:

• Why your fitness business needs to be on Facebook
• Group vs. like/fan page
• How to make the most of a like/fan page
• How to get more page “likes” & engagement
• How Facebook selects interesting content for news feed
• Twitter
• The zero moment of truth
• Foursquare
• QR codes
• Gym pact