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FIFA and Lessons From the Pitch

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Jiri Dvorak, Adam Weir, Johannes Tol, Xavier Valle, Roald Bahr, John W. O'Kane
120 minutes
FIFA and Lessons From the Pitch presents the latest research to prevent, diagnose, rehabilitate, and determine return-to-play for several common soccer and sports-related injuries, including those involving the hamstring, adductor/groin pulls, knee anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), and head concussions. The DVD describes the FIFA 11+ injury prevention program, as well as details how the promotional power and popularity of soccer world wide can be used to promote several public health issues. The DVD also examines the epidemiology, mechanisms of injury, risk factors, return-to-play (RTP) decision making, and the sports medicine professional's involvement with respect to adductor and groin injuries. In addition, the DVD reviews the three key phases of a hamstring injury, including the pitfalls of using MRI to predict RTP at the time of injury, employing evidence-based criteria for a RTP decision, and identifying athletes at risk for reinjury following RTP. Furthermore, the DVD offers a detailed multi-phase and criteria-based rehabilitation protocol for hamstring injuries, with clear objectives, progression criteria, and a suggested battery of core exercises that can be tailored according to the abilities of the athlete. Using a unique method of visual analysis of torn ACL's filmed from multiple camera angles during competitive athletic activity, the DVD further investigates the mechanisms for ACL injury from several sports to identify the kinematics of the knee at the time of injury. Finally, the DVD looks at the risks and factors involved in heading a soccer ball by young athletes, and presents data on rates and causes of concussion among males and females from NCAA level to younger age groups.