Fitness Business Websites 101

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Tom Perkins
56 minutes
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Fitness Business Websites 101 provides an overview of how to work with an inside (or outside) website-development team to create a website and an Internet presence that will attract and retain clients. The DVD is designed to teach health/fitness professionals what they need to know to work with a website designer or company. The DVD gives the inside scoop on what content works and doesn't work, search engine placement, and more. The DVD also reviews how to take advantage of low-cost marketing strategies to get the word out, and how to inexpensively maintain and update a website.

Among the topics covered:
  • Why fitness professionals benefit from having a website
  • The steps for developing and launching a website
  • Build it yourself or hire someone else?
  • How to find the right web designer/developer
  • How to attract clients to your website
  • The difference between a website and a blog