Fostering Supervised Autonomy in Athletic Training Students

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Mary Barnum, Nancy Groh, Jolene M. Henning, Patrick Sexton
90 minutes
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Facilitating clinical decision-making through supervised autonomy is the cornerstone of a successful clinical education experience. Fostering Supervised Autonomy in Athletic Training Students provides an overview of the key factors involved in the concept of supervised autonomy. The DVD details two different strategies designed to foster student autonomy. In addition, the DVD discusses how to use observation, combined with pre/post clinical conferencing, to improve effective clinical instructor behaviors.

Among the topics covered:

• Supervised Autonomy (Patrick Sexton)
• The Supervision, Questioning, and Feedback Model of Clinical Teaching: A Practical Approach (Mary Barnum)
• The One-Minute Preceptor: A Clinical Teaching Model for Busy Clinicians (Jolene M. Henning)
• An Effective Preceptor Intervention Strategy to Facilitate Student Autonomy (Nancy Groh)