Functional Training in 3-D

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Rodney Corn
70 minutes
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Life, as well as individuals and the space in which they live, is three-dimensional. As a consequence, it can be argued that the programs of health/fitness professionals should also be three-dimensional. Functional Training in 3-D details a systematic process that trainers can use to determine the appropriate 3-D approach to use with their clients. This DVD offers a comprehensive, flexible, and powerful system to demonstrate how to set up and monitor exercises, and progress and regress them. It also explains how to universally name them to help ensure all exercisers achieve the experience they are seeking and expecting. This DVD is designed to provide an enhanced perspective of movement and exercise.

Among Topics Covered:

• What is 3-D?
• Triangulation
• What is movement?
• What makes the transition?
• What do we drive?