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Health Fitness Litigation: Avoidance and Defense

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Brian Heermance
69 minutes
Health Fitness Litigation: Avoidanceand Defense reviews what health fitness litigation encompassesand, in this regard, looks at eight broad categories of common claimsand suits faced by health/fitness clubs. The DVD takes a close look ateach specific category, explaining how liability arises in that categoryand providing examples of the most common claims that occur within eachtype. The DVD also addresses the basic areas of concern and areas ofliability attendant to health/fitness equipment. In addition, the DVDdetails the six steps that club personnel should take when accidentsoccur.

Among topics covered:
  • Premises liability
  • Negligent supervision
  • Negligent instruction
  • Negligent security
  • Employment disputes
  • Negligent emergency response
  • Health Fitness equipment
  • When accidents happen