Helping Clients Move Beyond Diets and Into Health

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Nicki Anderson
45 minutes
Many individuals have spent years dieting and the only reason theyexercise is to lose weight. More often than not, if the weight lossdoesn't occur quickly enough, they quit exercising. As such, one ofthe most challenging jobs that personal trainers have is educatingtheir clients about the importance of health versus pant size.Helping Clients Move Beyond Diets and Into Health is designed tohelp personal trainers understand the mindset of the serial dieterand provide them with strategies that can take their clients fromhaving a “diet head” to a healthy head. Once individuals discoverhealthy living as a better option to chronic dieting, it can have apositive impact on client retention and referrals.

Among the topics covered:
  • Weight loss is big business
  • Weight loss and diet statistics
  • Can our clients move beyond dieting?
  • UCLA weight-loss study
  • Motivation/commitment/planning
  • Case study