Hill Repeat Workout

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Jay Blahnik
58 minutes
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Individuals of all ages and fitness levels are participating in great numbers in indoor-cycling classes in health/fitness clubs across the country. Hill Repeat Workout is designed to provide viewers with the opportunity to experience an indoor-cycling class in the comfort of their home. In an easy-to-understand and follow manner, one of the world's most acclaimed fitness instructors explains the basic fundamentals and techniques involved in performing a challenging hill repeat workout and leads viewers through an actual class that is designed to make them a better hill climber and improve their fitness level.

Among the topics covered:
  • How to get properly setup on the bike
  • Safety, technique, and performance-enhancing tips
  • Information on creating proper hill repeat workouts
  • Recovery basics
  • Challenging hill repeat workout, including warm-up, cool-down, and a stretch

Produced in cooperation with the American Council on Exercise.