Hiring & Cross-Training Your Personal Trainers for Success

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Jason Mason
57 minutes
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Hiring & Cross-Training Your Personal Trainers for Success details what healthclubs can do to find trainers and what these fitness facilities can do you get theirtrainers to be more involved within the club. The DVD points out several factorsinvolved in the hiring process, including maximizing the interview process. TheDVD also outlines what clubs can do to support their trainers during the early daysof employment when their work hours may be less-than-sufficient. In addition,the DVD reviews several basic considerations for trainers with regard to helpingestablish a positive, customer-service culture within the club and personalgrooming. The DVD also points out the value of having trainers work out in thefacility in which they are employed. Finally, the DVD explores how clubs can helpkeep their trainers motivated.

Among the topics covered:

• Finding talent
• Maximizing the interview process
• Cross-training
• What personal trainers do with it
• Grooming
• “Me” time
• Keeping trainers motivated