Humans in Hypoxia: A Conspiracy of Maladaptation

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Abbie Appel
63 minutes
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Humans in Hypoxia: A Conspiracy of Maladaptation presents a philosophical overview of how humans handle hypoxia-a condition in which a deficit exists in the amount of oxygen supplied to bodily tissues. The DVD discusses why hypoxia is an important issue, points out how humans adapt to both short-term and long-term hypoxia, and considers whether or not these adaptations are beneficial. The DVD also looks at the impact that sustained hypoxia has on exercise performance.

Among the topics covered:
  • Human adaptation to short- and long-term hypoxia: benefit vs. cost
  • Cardiovascular adaptations to sustained hypoxia
  • Multiple influences of sustained hypoxemia on exercise performance
  • High altitude natives/residents
  • Intermittent hypoxemia
  • Live high: train low
  • Views from the summit of everest