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IDEA`s Business Boot Camp

Was: $105.00
Now: $52.50
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Nicki Anderson, Darren Jacobson
150 minutes
With the proliferation of smaller clubs, an increase in the number of independent trainers, and heavy competition from the bigger chains, a growing need exists for practical, hands-on business education that will help business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs grow a successful, healthy business. IDEA`s Business Boot Camp delves into the finer aspects of business ownership featuring over five hours of cutting-edge ideas, insights, and information.

The DVD targets a number of key areas, including:
  • Provides 20 easy-to-implement and cost-effective marketing ideas
  • Teaches trainers how to conduct their own market analysis to determine gaps and potential revenue streams
  • Explains how trainers can identify their unique brand, attract their target market, and create a buzz in their community
  • Sheds light on the impact of high-quality customer service, which can translate to greater customer retention
Produced in cooperation with IDEA Health & Fitness.