Lateral Training Utilizing the BOSU® Ball

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Mike Bracko
49 minutes
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Lateral Training Utilizing the BOSU® Ball provides an overview of essential information and training techniques for using a BOSU trainer to engage in lateral training. The DVD features over 30 exercises that are designed to enhance lateral training for all levels of both fitness and athletic training. Because the ability to change direction with quick and smooth movement is an integral aspect of athletic performance, the DVD encompasses all aspect of lateral training, including acceleration, deceleration, balance, lateral jumps, plyometrics, and change of direction. Designed as a must-have resource for competitive athletes, recreational athletes, coaches, and personal trainers, as well as parents of athletes, the DVD is an invaluable tool for anyone interested in lateral training.

Among the topics covered:

• Step, step, down, down
• Step, jump, hop
• Plyometric hops
• Lateral cross-over
• Exercises using two BOSU balls
• Plyometric hop across
• Bungee cord movements
• Exercise prescription: BOSU lateral training