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Making the Call-Return to Play: What is the Evidence?

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Cindy Chang, William Dexter, Amy Powell, Karl “Bert” Fields, Susan Joy
384 minutes
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Making the Call-Return to Play: What is the Evidence? features several world-renowned sports medicine professionals who address the subject of return to play (RTP) decision-making principles and timeliness. Using actual cases of patient athletes, the DVD provides an in-depth examination of the clinical details, treatment options, participation risks, and standard of care recommendations/ guidelines for a variety of medical conditions. The DVD also details practice and research gaps for each medical condition.

Among the topics covered: 

• Clavicle fracture, deep vein thrombosis, navicular stress fracture (Cindy Chang) 
• Transient quadriparesis, one-eye wrestler, long QT syndrome (William Dexter) 
• Abdominal trauma, adolescent hypertension, pregnancy (Amy Powell) 
• Cervical spinal stenosis, athletic heart syndrome, ferritin levels (Karl “Bert” Fields) 
• Fluoroquinolones, popliteal artery entrapment syndrome, chronic exertional compartment syndrome (Susan Joy)