Managing the Modern Day Marketing Plan on a Budget

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Clarisa Lindenmeyer
106 minutes
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Managing the Modern Day Marketing Plan on a Budget discusses the importance of having a strategic marketing plan and looks at what other companies in the health/fitness club industry spend on average on marketing. The DVD emphasizes the fact that a strategic approach to marketing can be devised and implemented no matter how large or small a company is. The DVD also points out the fact that clubs must answer at least two questions in order to develop a viable marketing strategy-“who are we?” and “who is our customer?” In addition, the DVD details several examples of areas in which clubs can enhance their marketing efforts, including community outreach, corporate marketing, PR and media buying, social media, and internal marketing.

Among the topics covered:

• Marketing strategies
• How do we reach the customer?
• Community outreach
• Corporate marketing
• PR & media buying
• Social media buying
• Social media
• Internal marketing