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Marketing, Promotions, and Packages for Personal Trainers

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Darren Jacobson
90 minutes
Marketing, Promotions, and Packages for Personal Trainers presents an overview of 20 triedand- tested, cost-effective strategies that personal trainers can undertake to market and promote their personal-training business, approaches that can be implemented effectively with minimal effort. The DVD also details six structured packages that personal trainers can use for generating interest in new markets and expanding their client base, as well as for networking. Both informative and entertaining, the DVD is appropriate for a wide audience, including personal trainers, personal training managers, club managers, and health-club/studio owners.

Among the topics covered:
  • 20 tips for marketing personal training
  • The role of packages
  • The importance of maintaining solid profit margins
  • Six examples of packages
  • Words of caution