Mastermind: Business School for Personal Trainers

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Kathleen Weber
23 minutes
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Mastermind: Business School for Personal Trainers provides an overview of a system designed to make personal trainers successful by training them in essential business, management, and leadership skills. The DVD outlines the need for personal trainers to have a mission statement (what they provide), core values (how they provide it), and a purpose statement (why it's important to them). The DVD also reviews several of the factors addressed in the Mastermind system that help personal trainers develop the desired skill set in business, management, and leadership.

Among the topics covered:
  • Mastermind: building the foundation
  • Mastermind: every house is built twice
  • Mastermind: exempt company
  • Mastermind: non-exempt company
  • Mastermind: meetings
  • Mastermind form: personal trainer
  • Quantifiable results