Medical Nutrition and Exercise Benefits for Wellness

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Nick Delgado
30 minutes
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Medical Nutrition and Exercise Benefits for Wellness explains how sound nutrition and a physically active lifestyle can benefit individuals. In that regard, both elements can have a positive impact on people in a number of ways, including looking good, feeling sexy, sleeping better, enhancing their love life, and generally improving the quality of their lives. The DVD reviews the basic type of health- related challenges that people face, as well as details some of the factors that can affect how long a person lives. The DVD also discusses several products developed by the speaker that are designed to address specific personal wellness issues.

Among the topics covered: 

• My family's health challenges 
• Can you live past 110 years of life? 
• EstroblockTM & Cell StabilizerTM clear acne 
• Reverse fatigue 
• Two billion people are iodine deficient 
• Fitness & strength without sweat?