Medical Wellness Association`s Medical Wellness Forum 2012

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Christopher Breuleux, et al.
24 minutes
The eight sessions from the 2012 Medical Wellness Forum are featured in a single two-disc DVD set. Almost six hours of authoritative information and insights on medical wellness, including:

Among the topics covered:

• Wellness: Interactive and Functional Medicine (Hyla Cass)
• Wellness for Integrative Complementary Medicine (Raymond C. Hall)
• Medical Wellness for Active Aging and Integrated Medicine (Nick Delgado)
• Wellness Care-Working With Providers, Employees, and Members (Ann Hawkins, Tom Nelson, Bruce Underwood, Chris Purvis)
• Medical Wellness Screenings, Assessments, and Referrals (Chris Breuleux, Gijs van Oort, Steve Helschein, Kevin Steele)
• Wellness Coaching Trends and Opportunities: A Panel Discussion (Michael Arloski, Meg Jordan, Jim Strohecker, Roger Jahnke)
• Exercise is Medicine, Exercise is Wellness-Existing Opportunities and Trends (Jason Conviser)
• Medical Nutrition Updates and Trends: A Panel Discussion (John La Puma and James Bell)