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Medical Wellness: Concepts and Observations

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Christopher Breuleux, John Munson, Donna Krech
80 minutes
The 2015 Medical Wellness Association Forum is kicked off with the opening remarks of Chris Breuleux, MWA'S founder and executive director. Next, John Munson addresses the point that wellness is a cross-disciplinary concept that is an internationally recognized way to get people from all cultures to talk to each other, given that as a rule, everyone, in every culture, is interested in enhancing their own level of well-being. Furthermore, the DVD explains that individuals tend to have a minimal understanding of the wellness concept. This part of the DVD then concludes by exploring the fact that a great need exists for multi-cultural wellness training. Next, the DVD continues with internationally renowned weight loss authority, Donna Krech, offering a compelling overview of her experiences, as a case study, with regard to losing weight. The underlying premise of her insights is that for someone who needs to lose weight, weight loss never really works.

Among the topics covered: 

• Opening remarks (Chris Breuleux) 
• What wellness is today (John Munson) 
• Losing weight: a case study (Donna Krech)