Medical Wellness Screenings, Assessment, and Referrals

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Christopher Breuleux, Gijs Van Oort, Steve Helschien, Kevin Steele
68 minutes
Medical Wellness Screenings, Assessment, and Referrals presents an overview of the latest technology and outcomes for medical wellness screenings and assessments. The DVD is designed to provide detailed standards for evidence-based risk assessments for general health, as well as various diseases and disorders. Among the assessments covered in the DVD are noninvasive cardiovascular screenings and comprehensive health risk measurements and prevention programs. The DVD also discusses how to develop and manage an effective medical and physician referral program. In addition, the DVD details the major benefits of managing and marketing medical referrals with medical wellness providers.

Among the topics covered:

• Comprehensive Population Health Management (Gijs Van Oort)
• Medical Wellness Screenings (Steve Helschien)
• Medical Referral Programs (Kevin Steele)