Medicine-Ball Madness

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Keli Roberts
87 minutes
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Medicine-Ball Madness explains and demonstrates howhealth/fitness professionals can rev up their conditioning classeswith high-intensity medicine-ball training. The DVD details how tocombine medicine balls with dumbbells to develop a supersetprogram that really gets results. The DVD offers a series ofmedicine-ball drills and explains how to progress each drill safelyand effectively with solo and partner exercises. The DVD featuresa fun, functional workout format that is appropriate for personaltrainers and group-exercise instructors.

Among the topics covered:
  • Lecture
  • Dynamic warm-up
  • Circle challenge
  • Partner standing and dynamic toss/catch
  • Solo standing lower body and core
  • Partner floor
  • Solo core
  • Stretch
Produced in cooperation with the IDEA Health and Fitness Association.