Monitoring and Periodizing Training Load in Sports

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Carl Foster and Oliver Faude
106 minutes
Monitoring and Periodizing Training Load in Sports reviews the concepts and methods being used to monitor the physiological effects of training and points out the primary difficulties in performing such monitoring in team sports (as opposed to individual athletic endeavors). With regard to monitoring training, the DVD discusses the need to determine whether the training was in the amount and of the kind required to provoke unacceptable side effects. The DVD also examines the need to ascertain what is wanted from monitoring the training. In addition, the DVD explores how to take some of the information obtained during the monitoring of training and implement it in training programs for team sports.

Among the topics covered:
  • Monitoring exercise training
  • What do you want from training monitoring?
  • Is there a right distribution pattern of training for team sports?
  • Periodization of training in team sports to support recovery
  • The seasonal schedule
  • What science says