National Physical Activity Plan

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Russell Pate, Michael Pratt, Barry Franklin, Allison Kleinfelter, James Whitehead
73 minutes
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The (5) presentations from the 2010 ACSM annual meeting that discussedand provided an update on the recently released national physicalactivity plan are offered on a single DVD. Featuring over two hours ofauthoritative information and insights, the DVD explores the key factorsinvolved in developing and implementing the plan, reviews internationalefforts to promote physical activity, details organizational partnerswho contributed to the plan, and looks at steps and strategies to helpensure that the plan is a success…and much more, including:

• National Physical Activity Plan: What Is It? (Russell Pate)
• National Physical Activity Plans Around the Globe (Michael Pratt)
• Role of Organizational Partners (Barry Franklin)
• Improving Physical Activity Choices for All American (Allison Kleinfelter)
• Communication Strategies for the National Physical Activity Plan (James Whitehead)